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Hello and Welcome!

Sometimes, it IS personal.

Where Homebird Jewellery Began...

I've always struggled with anxiety from a young age.
It can be hard to navigate life when your brain is wired to think that something bad is going to happen 24/7 - It's also pretty exhausting!

Home is my safe space and my sanctuary - they don't call me Homebird for nothing!
But this meant I would struggle when I was out and about, especially in social situations.
This made work pretty difficult for me.
The 9-5 grind, weekend waitressing, working in a big team. Whatever job I tried, It was all just too much.
It's so easy for your brain to flip back into survival mode when you get overwhelmed. And then that negativity starts creeping back in...

To balance out all this negative feeling, I would spend my spare time trying different crafts, which became something to look forward to after anxiety filled work days.
They were the perfect source of meditation and a way to channel my personal stresses and anxiety.


But it was Jewellery making that really changed things.
I loved personalising every piece of metal I could find with my little rusty stamp set
- Looking back it was so obvious this was what I was meant to do -

I love learning new techniques and challenging myself more and more.
It's been an incredible way to build my confidence and self belief.
I'm forever grateful of the flexibility and creativity being a Jeweller brings to me and how healing it has been for my anxiety.

So I started experimenting with my new found love of Jewellery making, creating pieces that I could wear everyday.
Each one its own little talisman of positivity that I could hold and twirl around when I felt overwhelmed.

And I guess there's only so many rings and necklaces one person can wear..
So naturally I started to make jewellery for other people, and what is it they say?
The rest is History...

I truly LOVE what I do, creating meaningful jewellery that resonates with you. It's pretty magical ✨ 
Hearing the stories behind each piece is something that never gets old, and will always be at the heart of Homebird Jewellery.

I want to create pieces with meaning, jewellery that's powerful and that brings you joy every time you wear it.


So let's go find some Joy!!