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What is handstamping?

Instead of using an engraving machine your personalisations are stamped using steel punches, one letter at a time and positioned by eye, which means no two pieces will ever be the same. This packs a whole lot of character and charm into your jewellery...

Will my personalisation fade?

Unlike engraving, handstamping creates deep, long lasting impressions that will only disappear with years and years of wear or some serious filing!

Does the lettering on my jewellery have to be darkened?

To darken any lettering, I use a safe non-toxic agent called Platinol. Over time this patina may fade or discolour with wear or if it comes into contact with household chemicals such as cleaning products, but I’m always happy to add this to your jewellery again, just get in touch!

However if you’d rather not have your stamping darkened, there is the option to have it plain.

My letters aren't perfectly aligned - can you re-stamp it?

All pieces are created using traditional steel punches, letters are hammered into the metal one at a time, by eye. This creates a unique impression that can differ in spacing, depth and alignment.

I don't consider this a defect but a celebration of the handmade process, and so, will not offer a refund/exchange due to "imperfectly" aligned text.

I don't like any of the fonts/design stamp symbols available - Can I have something else?

I try to stock a wide variety of font styles and design stamps so you can create a piece of jewellery that's unique and meaningful to you. I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting stamps, and even have a stash of larger stamps that are used for unique custom requested pieces. If you don't see something you'd like I may be able to order this from one of my amazing stamp suppliers - Contact me to discuss availability, time frames and any additional costs.

Why are some fonts not available for some designs?

As I create pieces with steel punches when personalising, sizes and styles can be limited. Sometimes certain upper case letters or design stamps are too large for the design, however there may be able to work around the design depending on your specific personalisations...

I'm always happy to create something completely unique and design a stamp specifically for you, working with craftsman around the globe to make your design into a steel punch!

Each style has it's own personality so if your piece doesn't have your favourite style, get in touch, and I can advise an alternative - or even design a new piece around your favourite font!

My message is too long - Help!

Each design will indicate the maximum character count for that design - this is an average count as some of the font styles are wider than others. If your message is a few characters too long, I may still be able to fit this onto the design depending on your desired font style. Always happy to advise on the best font styles for your design, or if you're not sure which style will look best, just Contact me to discuss!

How do I add a design stamp?

If you'd like to add a symbol to your message please select your design from the photo of those available on each listing (each design has a select number of symbols that will fit that piece).
Each design has a corresponding letter and number, e.g. A1 B12 etc, which you can place within brackets and into your personalisation where you would like it to appear in the text.

A (A1) J
21.04.12 (F12)
2 (A2) 4 (A2) 10 (A2)

If you have a specific symbol in mind or want something Special and Unique? Get in touch, I'd love to source a design stamp for you!