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  • Orders for the Golden Era Collection close July 7th ✨


How do I redeem my Gift Card?

When purchasing your Gift Card you will receive an email confirmation for your order as usual, plus a separate email with your Gift Card which will include a unique code. Simply use this code when purchasing from our shop - there will be a box at checkout to prompt you.

Can I use a Gift Card for any purchase in your shop?

Gift Cards are a method of payment and can be used to purchase all but one item in our shop - unfortunately you cannot use them to purchase another Gift Card.

Will I receive a Gift Card in the Post?

Gift Cards are digital - so please don't wait for something to be delivered! I do not ask for a shipping address when purchasing Gift Cards, but will require an email address to send your digital Gift Card to.
Please ensure your email address is correct as your Gift Card will be sent to the email address provided at checkout. 

Can I send a Gift Card direct to my friends and family?

I will automatically send your Gift Card to the email address provided with your order, along with your order confirmation. When your Gift Card arrives in your inbox, there will be the option for you to forward onto your friends and family, or print out if you should wish.

If I have a remaining balance, can I use this in the future?

Of course! Your Gift Card has a unique number and will store your balance for future purchases, so don't worry if you've not managed to spend it all in one go - but well done on your willpower!

Will I still need to pay for Shipping?

Gift Cards are classed as a Payment method, so can be used for the full order total - including shipping.

Can I still use a discount code with a Gift Card?

Yes! Gift Cards are classed as a Payment method, so you can still use a discount code.

Help! I can't find the email with my Gift Card code, have I lost my balance?

Don't worry, I can resend your Gift Card Code to you - if you didn't purchase your Gift Card we may need some order information. The balance is held on the Gift card which has its own unique code, resending this code will not reissue the full Gift Card amount.

How do I know the remaining balance of my Gift Card?

I keep track of all Gift Card balances, please get in touch if you're unsure on your remaining balance. I will need your Gift Card code. 

Will my Gift Card expire? 

You've got 12 whole months to find some gorgeous jewellery to spend your gift card on. Please note that if Homebird Jewellery is to cease trading I can not refund any outstanding Gift Card balances.

What happens if I return my order that I purchased with a Gift Card?

If your order qualifies for a Refund (see return policy here) and has been purchased with a Gift Card, the refunded amount will be applied to your Gift Card. Any refunds will be issued to the original payment method used when purchased.


Can I use multiple Gift Cards?

Yes! You can use multiple Gift Cards to purchase items in our shop (Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase more Gift Cards), so you can use up the remaining balances to cover the cost of your order!


Can I exchange/Return my Gift Card?

Unfortunately Gift Cards can not be exchanged for their cash value. Unused Gift Cards can only be refunded to the original purchaser and will be refunded via the original payment method. 

You can only return your unused Gift Card within 30 Days of purchase.