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I hate to say it, but a .925 punch is NOT a legal hallmark. An independent assay office must test the quality of metal and only they can stamp a certified hallmark.

I am proud to be registered with the oldest assay office in the UK, Goldsmiths in London.
Any single piece of Sterling Silver jewellery over 7.78g or solid Gold over 1g sold within the UK requires a hallmark by law.
For international buyers, please be aware that I follow UK Hallmarking laws only.
Any Homebird Jewellery, pieces that are below the legal threshold will not be sent to the assay office, as this can be costly and requires more time for production...however if you would like me to send any of our jewellery pieces under these weights in for hallmarking please just get in touch to discuss timescales and pricing.
Please find a dealers notice below:

dealers notice